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For those of you who don’t have time to make appetizers because you barely had time to do the dinner, here are some new twists on old “crackers and cheese”.

I guarantee that your guests will rave about all of them!!

Great tip #1…

One thing that Chef Ann Kirsebom taught me was mixing goat cheese and cream cheese together. It’s so creamy, tasty, and easy to spread!… What’s great about this is you can keep some spreadable cream cheese on hand, and the goat cheese in the cry vac packages… they have a fairly good shelf life on them. So… it’s about ratios… make a mixture up of both. If you really like goat cheese add more, or go half ‘n’ half… it doesn’t matter. Whip it in a food processor, or blend by hand. You can also add a little bit of garlic if you like. Don’t add a lot, because it really clogs your palate at the beginning of the night. Everyone will ask, “Where did you get this dip!”

I call this one…

“Blue Goat with a Cranberry Hat”

What you need:

Gone Crackers / Blue Cheese & Cracked Pepper
goat cheese/cream cheese mixture (see Great Tip #1)
Chef Ann Kirsebom’s *Cranberry Onion Confit
*go to Ann’s website for a list of retailers…

The Tangy Moroccan

Gone Crackers / Moroccan Spice
goat cheese mixture
Artisan Edibles * Pomegranate Hot Pepper Jelly
*for the jelly, go to:


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