Memories from the SeeYa Later Ranch visit during WBC13

SeeYa Later Ranch

SeeYa Later Ranch

First evening of WBC13 started with a school bus trip to See Ya Later Ranch. We all got punch cards for the different tasting stations to track where we have been and to enter into a draw. The Constellation banner as we got off the bus was a good reminder for all of us that are addicted to our instant updates to include this into the twitter updates.

Easy to see why people would want to include visits like this into their vacation plans. Lots of visual appeal, and fantastic food and wine; I have to try and duplicate the dessert with the candied rose petals.

Many a great conversation during the evening and on the bus, with goodie bags when we left. The evening definitely went by too fast.



  1. Daniel  July 10, 2014

    Thanks for the review! See Yas are my favroite VFF’s and I’ve had mine since April. I have been putting miles and miles on them and they’ve been fantastic. I just ran a marathon yesterday in them and they were the perfect shoe for the job. In April I ran a marathon in Bikilas which I also loved, but for some reason I feel the need to wear socks with Bikilas and not in See Yas. This gives me the feeling that I’m lighter and closer to the ground in the See Yas, which I really like. I’ve been trail running as well as road running in them, but I’m not sure how the tread will do in the muddy Oregon winter. I just bought a pair of Spyridons to try for winter trails if I find myself sliding around too much in the See Yas. Thanks again!


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