About Gone Crackers

We have been Gone Crackers since 2001.  Gone Crackers are the purveyors of the most delicious gourmet crackers.  Made on the West Coast of Canada without using any of the not-so-great stuff like hydrogenated oils, yeast, or sugar, our team’s focus has always been on using the highest quality ingredients with an artisanal flair to produce fine food. Amazing on their own, Gone Crackers are also wonderful paired with a variety of wines and cheeses, as well as charcuterie, spreads, soups and salads.  We are sure you will taste the craftmanship in each of the crackers.

The strong support of our people and their endless dedication to Gone Crackers is what makes us a very distinct and amazing place to work. The end result – the best cracker you will ever taste! All of this is encompassed in our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs.

Our Mission:

Provide discerning consumers consistently high quality products made by talented, dedicated Canadians using only premium, homegrown ingredients.

Our Vision:

Pay it forward to the communities that support us.

Our Beliefs:

Respect:  Mutual respect for each other and to help one another.
Trust:  Everyone truly wants to give their best effort.  Take care of the customer.  Take care of each other.  Take care of the company.
Continuous Improvement:  Standardizing processes and looking for ways to make everything safer and better.